Does Fasting Cause Weight Gain?

Who doesn’t want to have a fit and slim body? Of course, everyone! But how many of us get a proper diet to maintain that? It’s hard to estimate because many of us just left with dreaming and do nothing. Here is one hope considering as a simple and easy way to maintain diet is fasting. This is a productive way to   lose weight.
But sometimes, fasting gives you weight instead of reducing it.

Fasting & Vise Versa:

Fasting is the best wayto activate multiple metabolic adjustments in the body because it prevents one from avoiding eating, drinking, or even injecting any medicine that gives you energy. By refraining from these acts, your old seeping cell begins to support your body and produces energy for a particular period. This acts to burn up your fat, boost immunity, give good digestion function, and restore the body for upcoming days.
Before going on a fasting diet, many people undergo some tests to check their capability even. But, the thing doesn’t work in that way what we have planned for. Yet they may go in the opposite direction! Yes, I’m talking about gaining weight via fasting!

Mistakes to Gain Weight during Fasting:

Fasting has been practicing in various ways around the world based on cultural, religion, or personal basis. People fast for particular times, starting from 14 hours to 100 hours, depending on how long you are going to fasting.
During the self-preservation period, it is recommended to eat healthily and maintain a nutritious food menu.Some mistakes lead you to overweight. Here you will get to know the most common mistakes and tips to escape from these.

Mistakes vs. Escapism:

·         Not maintaining any nutritious food dairy during fasting
-       Add sufficient protein, vitamins, minerals, and fluids in your menu.
·         Keeping calorie based food in your chart
-       Avoid calorie or maintain a minimum level of calorie food in your meal.
·         Overeating when you are taking a break from fasting
-       Eat for a particular quantity for a specific time lapse
·         Addicted to coffee might interpret your fasting
-       Minimize your coffee habit or rely on green tea
·         Adding wrong foods in your eating chart
-       Avoid cholesterol-based food chart, fast-food, energy drinks, etc.
·         Consistency break
-       Maintain a particular period to fasting, such as dawn to dusk, is the perfect time for fasting.
·         Lack of healthy lifestyle maintenance
-       Healthy and proper sleep, work out, take sufficient fluids, etc. refers to the healthy lifestyle
·         Consuming anti-fasting medicine or having a particular diagnosis
-       Check your medicine chart (if you have any) that contains anti-fasting components, taking any sugar-based medication during fasting, etc.
·         Hormonal change or problem due to fasting
-       You may have pre-hormonal problem or problem that causes due to fasting, check that too!
Some people claim that they face weight gaining problems while turning to healthy lifestyles, and that time it seems faster than previous conditions. If you don’t find any of the reasons above similar to your question, then it is high time to call your house doctor or go to a dietitian.

Following a variety level of fasting causes weight gain sometimes…

People fast in different ways: some fast food only for a particular time, somedon’t take either food or drinks for a specific time. Daily fast refers to avoid food and drinks from 14-18 hours or just take liquids during fasting (water fasting). This sometimes doesn’t work correctly, because fluids contain energy materials which block metabolism adjustment of the human body.
Ramadan fast is one-month long fasting process (upto 30 days) refraining from food or drinks for 14-20 hours. This sounds quite hard but comes up with an excellent outcome in the end. But not everyone capable of following this method.
Intermittent fasting requires proper planning and supervision. Healthy food menu, lifestyles, particular diagnosis, and many things which turn into a costly method to fast that not everyone affords.
The frequent switching from one pattern to another pattern might cause a significant loss to your body as well as provide weights too! So, considering one particular model according to your body capacity and live on that! If that doesn’t work, take a break for a while and try a new one.

Last notes:

Fasting is an ancient practice to keep the human body energetic and boost immunity. Weight gaining during fasting is not a good sign; meanwhile, you check your pre-historic deficiency or present food chart. You may go to an expert or undergo a thorough check-up of your body to see the changes.

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