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Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Four Main Methods Used in Cleaning Carpets

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Looking after your carpets is more than just a health factor. When you invest in some professional cleaning you are even extending the lifespan of the carpets. Professional carpet cleaning Geelong is the best choice as it gives you the best results and there is less risk of accidental damage because you do not know what you are doing! There are a few cleaning methods used depending on your type of carpet, the staining on it, its age and more. Here is a look at four of the main methods used.

Carpet shampooing

This is becoming less of a common choice because it is less effective than other methods but it is still an option. They apply detergents and then agitate to clean. Then they vacuum to suck up the water, detergents and dirt. The carpet looks better after and it smells better but this method does not always reach down to the dirt deep in the carpet. If you just need to make it look good for a special event then call in a professional carpet cleaning Gold Coast service and this would be fine. Remember you will need plenty of time to stay off the carpet as it dries.

Dry carpet clean

More people are using and recommending dry cleaning nowadays than any of the other methods. It is great because you do not have to leave time for the carpet to dry for a long time. A special cleaning powder goes on the carpet that attracts dirt and after it has been left long enough, the cleaner vacuums it up.

Carpet foaming

This method is sort of like a cross between dry and shampooing. A foam is applied by your carpet cleaning Geelong experts, and just a small amount of water. They are good at reaching deep down but is best for carpets that are not delicate.

Steaming your carpet

Steaming is another commonly used option today as it uses less water than shampooing. But it does still leave the carpet quite wet and if you do not get that out the carpet can get damaged. Professional cleaners should steam clean as they have experience. It is good for deep cleaning, but used too frequently can lead to carpet damage.


When looking for experts on carpet cleaning Gold Coast talk to them about the type of carpets you have and what methods they use to make sure the right ones are used in your situation.

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