A Guide to Making the Most of Electroless Nickel Plating

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If you are looking for an effective and affordable process for protecting your metal parts from general wear and tear, electroless nickel plating is the way to go. One reason for this is that unlike other plating processes, it doesn't need electricity to get it done. All it requires is a blend of the right technology, chemicals, and experience. If you are looking to plate using nickel, you will need to have the following tips in mind before you proceed. 

Get Pure Water Water is not only H2O. Usually, it composes of several impurities and other compounds. These impurities have the potential to affect the plating process. Water is essential for the plating process so, it must be free from impurities. It should be free from all forms of contaminants to ensure that the nickel is free from impurities. Generally, the right Electroless nickel plating services will ensure that it gets purified and filtered water to make sure that the outcome is premium.

1. Pretreated parts

In nickel processing, one of the most important things you should be mindful of is that the parts must get treated. If the parts are subpar and dirty, the plating effectively cannot be used. All parts must undergo cleaning to remove all contaminants on the surface. In a situation where the parts are not clean, added mechanical treatments come into place. This extra effort will ensure that the pieces are well prepared for them to get plated with greater efficiency.

2. Regular monitoring

During this process, it is mandatory to track the process to make sure that the Electroless nickel plating gets done to standard. Even though a large part of the job can get automated, the temperature and filtering effectiveness must get monitored. The filter process ensures that plating remains pure. The temperature can also have an enormous effect on the plating. The high temperatures may cause speedy decomposition of the plating bath.

3. The post-treatment process

The post-treatment process is the stage where you get to ensure that everything looks and works as it should. It is also to ensure that the product is the best it can be. In this scenario, it means looking out for possible hydrogen embrittlement and staining. The presence of such may be a sign of inferior plating, and may as such, need another bath done. Electroless nickel plating services are not a simple process. Hence they can go wrong when they are not carried out by well trained and experienced experts. Without the right expertise, the quality of the plating would be below quality. Hence, aside from cost, experience, and quality of previous work done should be core criteria for selecting someone to get the job done. You may check online reviews to confirm the best service provider within your vicinity. A provider within your area would save you a lot of time, energy, and resources in the long run.

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